SPORTSMANSHIP – this is a social league and all players/umpires/management will be treated with respect.

SOCIALISING – netball is a great way to meet new people and have lots of fun – and Thursday night is a great night to have fun.  Additionally end of season events will be formally organised, along with adhoc mid and pre season events.

 – please note that this is an outdoor league and that netball is generally a winter sport.  Therefore games will only be cancelled if it becomes unsafe to play.  Teams will be notified by 5pm if the decision to cancel is made.  Games will be rescheduled for another week.

RULES – Official Rules of The International Federation of Netball Associations apply regarding the game itself.  Game length is reduced to 40 minutes and a and more social approach will be taken.  All safety rules must be adhered to (i.e. jewellery and fingernails, note gloves can be worn).

MIXED – the mixed competition is a version of FastNet.  2 pointers can be scored from outside the circle.  The team that concedes the goal takes the centre pass. Each team chooses a quarter to power play (double points).  Also note there can only be 3 males on the court at one time, one in each third.

FIRST AID – adequate first aid equipment will be provided and professional medical staff will be contacted immediately if the need arises.

FORFEIT – a team will forfeit their win (25-0) if they have less than 4 of their own players take the court.  A team must also have 5 players to take the court, they will lose 1 point per minute until they can take the court.  To avoid disruptions management will arrange reserves given sufficient notice.

I have been playing social netball for most my adult life. Starting with a mixed family team back in NZ, then continuing in the UK with 2-3 ladies teams. This moved up to a friendly winter league, and eventually to running this league for the last few years. I love playing netball which has sparked the desire to have a great social league that is fun to organise and play in. In my professional life I’m a data analyst / database manager and have been slowly expanding my interests into events management.


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