After being in the UK for just a short period of time it was realised that there was a gap in the market for a convenient and cost effective way of transferring funds ‘home’, without the typically bad exchange rates that come hand in hand with this. This realisation led to the formation of Easy Exchange ltd and in January 2002 was brought to the market offering low transfer costs, excellent rates of exchange, swift online support and the convenience of being able to conduct the entire transfer process online.

Easy Exchange remains ‘owner/operated’ and strives to give the best possible service at all times. We have the flexibility to adjust or change problem areas highlighted by our ever growing and loyal client base which has appealed to many disgruntled banking customers and since opening, Easy Exchange has grown from strength to strength, conducting tens of thousands of transactions involving millions of pounds for clients expecting more for their money.

We offer a fast e-mail response service to our clients, and would-be clients, so if you need a bit more information or have a request that doesn’t quite fit our business description, please contact us via our ‘Contact us’ page on the website.

Our Services.

Easy Exchange international money transfer combines online banking offered by banks in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand with the internet to provide a secure and cost effective way for  individuals and small businesses to carry out a money transfer. We help you to transfer money to bank accounts in the following countries; New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, United Kingdom and Europe (France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal). Note, in most cases we can transfer South African Rands to ZAR accounts held in Namibia.

We offer a ‘collaborative transfer scheme’ which is unique to Easy Exchange. The name is a bit of a mouthful but the concept is simple: the more people transferring money in a day the lower the transfer fee will become. At the end of the day all the clients that have transferred funds on that day will receive the lower fee regardless of the fee at the time of conducting their transfer and any savings, calculated in pounds, will be incorporated into your actual transfer amount* i.e. If you filled in a transfer form from the United KIngdom for £100.00 when the fee was still £8 your transfer amount would be £92.00, if then by 5:30pm that day the fee is just £2 then your fee would be amended to £2 and your transfer amount will be increased to £98. There is an opt-out option for any clients that do not wish to be part of this scheme on a transfer-by-transfer basis. is owned by Easy Exchange Ltd, Registration number: 3779438.
Easy Exchange is a registered Money Services Business with HM Revenue and Customs;Registration Number: 12141558.
Easy Exchange is registered with Financial Services Authority (FSA) as a small payment institution; Registration number 524192


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