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Nyama Catering specializes in: South African Flavoured Hog Roasts , Lambs on the Spit , BBQ’s (or what we like to call a Braai!) and General Outside Catering.

We cater for Wedding Receptions, Private Parties, Corporate Events, Christenings, Birthday Parties, Village Fairs, Festivals, Charity Functions, etc.

Nyama Catering’s service is available in Hog Roast Berkshire, Hog Roast Surrey, Hog Roast Oxfordshire, Hog Roast Buckinghamshire, Hog Roast Bedfordshire, Hog Roast Dorset, Hog Roast Essex , Hog Roast Gloucestershire, Hog Roast Hampshire, Hog Roast Hertfordshire, Hog Roast Kent, Hog Roast Middlesex, Hog Roast London, Hog Roast Northamptonshire, Hog Roast Wiltshire and the Rest of England.

Nyama Catering are professional hog roast caterers, barbecue caterers and wedding caterers, so whatever event you require our catering company for we can cook up a flavoursome Hog Roasts which will tickle you taste buds and satisfy your stomach.

One thing is for sure: for functions between 30 and 10 000 people, there is not much we CAN’T do, so if you don’t see it on here: JUST ASK FOR IT!

Spit Roast – Wedding Caterer – Bbq Catering – Outside Catering

We pride ourselves on our bespoke hog roast catering service; we are qualified experts in spit roast corporate catering, hog roast BBQ catering and outside catering. We provide an individual specialised spit roast service to cater for your individual requirements. We are not only a pig roast catering company; we are an entertaining, one of a kind OUTDOOR CATERING pig roast company with a South African flair.

Nyama Catering started off in the year 2002 as an idea amongst 2 young enthusiastic students: Johannes Burger and George Zaayman. Being virtually driven from their own country due to a lack of jobs, these two decided that if they must go abroad then they may as well take a little piece of their beloved country with them to share with those longing for it, and even those that have never experienced it. Yes, a spit roast might sound like just a simple cooking method to some, but those who know it and who will come to know it will realise it is much more: a piece of a culture held together through all these years, by a tradition that refuses to fade away.


I know this is long – but please read. I was told I would live a ‘short life’ by Nyama Catering when we complained about their service.

Such a terrible experience.
After bringing to Nyama’s attention, some issues on our wedding day …I was told that I would leave a short life! (This is no joke).

Food – We expressly told them, we had two vegans at the wedding and to remember to cater for them.They provided falafel burger patty as we requested…that’s it. Potatoes had butter on, ciabatta is made with milk, salad had cheese in it. I was so disheartened, I had mentioned on so many occasions to remember to cater for our vegan guests. When I asked (on my wedding day) what they could do, they quickly prepared a bowl of rocket and sundried tomatoes…

That aside – The rest of the BBQ was lovely. Just frustrating my Head Bridesmaid and her fiance, couldn’t have a proper meal.

The bar… Now. Where do I start? We paid a £150 deposit for the bar which would be refunded when we reached £1,000 minimum on the day. We knew this would be no problem. We had 150 guests all paying for drinks…boy was I “wrong”

Firstly, the bar arrived and the best man greeted a very grumpy bar man who insisted on setting up where the band were going to play. After reluctantly having to argue with the guy, he finally agreed to set up where I had originally planned to have them. I should say, I had provided Nyama with the floor plan well ahead of the wedding.

All evening, the bar man hadn’t smiled once. Several people had commented on this. When I ordered at the bar myself (the bride ) – he wouldn’t crack a smile and was very rude and abrupt… To his defense – how dare I order a Captain Morgan and diet coke, when he was clearly busy standing cross armed scowling at our guests. That’s my fault.


I contacted Nyama the week after returning from our honeymoon, to request our bar deposit back…and was told we only spent £770. Ok, but I found this difficult to believe with 150 guests and so requested the bar tab/summary. They quickly provided it.

I reviewed it and found no ‘Captain Morgans’, which was the tipple of choice for my husband, best man and myself (at least), that evening. I myself had 5, my husband and our best man drank far more than that.
I also noticed not a single Jägerbombs (Jägermeister and Red Bull) had been recorded on the tab. Now, this was suspicious because…at any party, this is without fail; always ordered by our cheeky guy friends. Ignoring the fact that, I had two purchased for me – I was joined by my husband and 4 other friends in this particular double round. Now, that’s a minimum of 12 and I’m very aware that after I left the boys to it – they continued to drink Jägerbombs throughout the evening. Yet – not a single one had been recorded on the bar tab.

I mentioned this to Nyama and they immediately jumped on the defensive instead of appologising for the mistake. It got rather ugly instead, this was a selection of shocking statements in their very long reply:
“you seem a very unhappy human being”,
“I do not know who can make you happy!?”
“I can’t waste any more of my time on this”
“We despise being called liars ”
“you call me and my company liars doesn’t go down well here AT ALL! ”
“all the hate and negativity really is not good for one’s health and has also recently been scientifically proven to actually shorten life span”
“I have blocked your e-mail address”
“the fault lies not with us but with yourself. ”

Totally shocked, hurt and having shed some tears over this nasty barrage of abuse – I gave it some time and finally spoke to a number of wedding guests about their bar experience and what they had ordered. It’s important to note, I hadn’t mentioned my bad experience before asking them a couple of questions, I wanted honesty.

I found, the majority of guests I spoke to, had spent £150 to £200. This made sense, I’ve attended 5 wedding last year alone and each time – we had spent around £150 on the bar.
I tallied up totals and already; after the small selection of individuals I had spoken to, the total had amounted to over £1,000.

I also asked them what they thought of the bar, they all explained the bad experience and rude service by the barman.

Finally, they advised what they were drinking that night, the majority of which (surprise surprise) did not appear on this bar breakdown provided by Nyama.

I’m so sad to have had this company taint the beautiful memories of our wedding. Hurt by the truly frightening comments in their email communications, disappointed that our guests had to experience such rude service from the bar and not to mention – the missing drinks and money spent at the bar.

Nyama had tried to bully me into not leaving a review, but after giving myself some time to gather as much info from our guests as possible, I really felt it important to warn others of this and HOPE no one experiences these issues. I hope this encourages others, not to let themselves be bullied by Nyama and speak out.

I want to state, I would have been happy had they simply appologised and I would have overlooked the deposit refund (I told them this), instead I was insulted and told i would live a “short life”. So, I have decided I would leave a review and hope I can warn others of the nasty behaviour Nyama are capable of.

Happy to provide evidence of the email received to anyone who wants it.

Very sad, very very sad.

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