All Old Greys living in the UK/Europe/Middle East or those who are about to travel here are warmly encouraged to establish contact with the European Branch.

The Old Grey Business Network programme has been set up to assist Old Greys who have recently arrived in the UK/Europe and who might need assistance to orient themselves in their new and sometimes strange business environment.  The programme attempts to put them in touch with established Old Greys who work in similar professions and/or areas of business and who might be able to provide insights, advice and where possible, networking contacts.  Please be aware that this facility should not be regarded as a “head hunting” service.

The European Branch has been in existence since the early 1990s and provides a range of services to the School and Old Greys.  These include a valuable bursary programme provided through The Old Grey Europe Charitable Trust, opportunities to meet and socialise with fellow Old Greys, keeping contact with and receiving updates on the School and assisting Old Greys who have recently arrived to orientate themselves from a business networking perspective.


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