The SA Chamber of Commerce is an umbrella organisation and conduit for trade, community and investment into and out of South Africa. The SACC aims to bring under one concerted effort, a forum and meeting point for businesses who have an interest in both the UK and South Africa in an attempt to facilitate the development of business opportunities.

The constitutional objectives of the SA Chamber of Commerce are:

To bring under a common management agreement, all current SA business focused organisations to benefit from; knowledge sharing around common practices, sharing of information and economies of scale in their logistical management,
to offer advice to members in the operation of their business as and when might be requested or appropriate,
to provide a united voice when dealing with government bodies and private sector groups,
to provide training opportunities for members in all aspects of business as appropriate with particular emphasis on operating businesses in South Africa and the United Kingdom,
to provide a central body for the administration, research, lobbying and support of sub-committees and associated bodies with specific interests in SA-UK business,
to provide a forum to promote business opportunities between members, and,
to provide proactive facilitation of business introductions.
Organisations and activities which make up the SA Chamber of Commerce

The South African Business Club was launched in September 1993 to provide a meeting point and networking framework for South African business people living and working in the United Kingdom, and for people who have an interest in, or business connection with South Africa.


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