Welcome to Thiardt’s Ltd, your braaiwood and wood fuel supplier in the United Kingdom.

Our Mission is to bring Genuine Namibian Hardwood, ( braaiwood ), right to your doorstep.

So, what do real men braai? Meat and more meat.
Tender chops, juicy steaks and spicy boerewors (farmers’ sausage) are traditional staples at the South African braai (BBQ). Then there are those typical West Coast crayfish braais; the Karoo lamb-shank potjie, laced with port; a traditional snoek braai with soetpatats (sweet potatoes), potbrood (bread baked in a pot or tin) and grape jam; or freshly caught linefish barbecued on the beach. Don’t forget free-range chicken on the Weber; a rack of Kalahari lamb ribs, spiced with coriander seeds and coarse salt, slow-cooked high above the fire; township-flavoured shisa nyama (which literally translates from isiZulu as ‘burn the meat’) with bogobe (maize meal porridge or pap) and chakalaka (a spicy tomato-based relish). If you want something more glamorous, you can opt for marinated prawn-and-kingklip skewers. And there’s much more. Over the generations, our braai culture has developed to embrace not only the basics, but side dishes as well: potatoes in their jackets, wrapped in foil; butternuts cooked in their skins; sweet onions bursting out of their smoky skins. Add to these char-grilled mealies (corn) on the cob; whole black mushrooms, dripping with garlic butter; crisp green salads and, of course, a generous quota of Cape wine.

So, what do real men drink with their braai? Beer, beer and more beer.
Of course, also fine South African Brandy or a fine glass of wine.

Meat sizzling on the braai, your favorite drink in hand and your best friends around, that’s the South African Way!

We are also busy putting in place an online buying facility on this site, so please Watch this Space.

It is not just the spiraling cost of gas and oil that makes wood  a highly desirable and cheaper alternative.

In addition to being a sustainable fuel source, burning a biomass fuel like wood does not pollute the air as much as fossil fuels and it does not produce pollutants like sulphur that can  cause acid rain.  It does release carbon dioxide, but is offset by the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide captured by the tree it came from through photosynthesis, which is why it is a carbon neutral fuel.  If wood is burnt cleanly then smoke, which contains some pollutants and particulate matter is reduced.

It is also worth pointing out that the wood ash is an excellent plant fertilizer and can be put to good use in your garden or vegetable patch.

It is also a cheap way of meeting your heating requirements.


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