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Rock Music Tour – discover London’s rock music history

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Rock Music Tour - discover London's rock music history

Music lovers! This is the ideal way to discover London’s rock music history. Choose either the morning or afternoon tour, or book them both for a comprehensive London Rock Music tour. These small-group tours (maximum 16 people) cover everything from rock ‘n’ roll landmarks in bohemian Soho to the north London neighborhoods of Camden Town, Hampstead Village and Heath, Muswell Hill, Archway and Islington.

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Full Day Tour
Code: FD0900
Full-day Rock Music Tour combining the morning and afternoon tour to give you the very best of London’s rock music history. Departs 9am.

From EUR83.28
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Morning Tour
Code: HD0900
Morning Rock Music Tour including Pink Floyd’s studio and band members’ homes, Hendrix, Page and Clash sites, Amy Winehouse’s Camden, McCartney’s office, Soho Clubs and Abbey Road. Departs 9am.

From EUR41.64
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Afternoon Tour
Code: HD1400
Afternoon Rock Music Tour including sites connected with The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, the Beatles and much more. Departs Summer 2pm or Winter 1pm.

Pricing information
London Rock Music Tour
London Rock Music Full Day Small Group Tour
Local guide
Transport by air-conditioned minivan (maximum 16)
Gratuities (optional)
Hotel pickup and drop off
Food and drinks, unless specified
Additional Information:
Confirmation will be received at time of booking
Vehicles are collapsible wheelchair accessible, however the driver is unable to assist passengers boarding and disembarking due to insurance regulations

Morning Tour (3.5 Hours):

Take a tour through historic London neighborhoods including Soho, Islington and Camden Town, and discover where many of the wild adventures in the history of rock ‘n’ roll took place. Pass Paul McCartney’s Golden Disc-covered office and the flat where he wrote the Beatles hit song ‘Yesterday.’ You’ll also see the flat shared by the Fab Four and walk across the famous Abbey Road crossing outside the recording studio.

Stop by ‘Tin Pan Alley,’ where the Rolling Stones cut their first disc, and check out the Pink Floyd studios. Sites of other famous events include the place where Jimi Hendrix burned his first guitar, where Jimmy Page cut his first disc and where Amy Winehouse lived and died. Pass more than 50 additional sites connected with U2, The Clash, the Sex Pistols, Queen, The Who, Zombies, Madness, Elton John and more.

Afternoon Tour (3.5 Hours):
On the afternoon tour, see famous gig sites, clubs, rock hotels, record labels, management offices and studios. Highlights include walking across the famed Abbey Road crossing and seeing where Paul still lives. You will also see where Jimi Hendrix lived and died, where Freddie Mercury and Queen hung out, and Led Zeppelin’s HQ. You’ll see sites connected with The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and Cream, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, Elton John, the Beatles, The Sex Pistols, Bowie, The Who and many more.

Full-Day Tour (8 Hours):
A combination of the morning tour, followed by the afternoon tour.

Please note that tour route is subject to change without notice due to weather or traffic conditions.

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Saffa, Finally can earn some pounds

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1 More Saffa | Finally can earn some pounds | The South African

Fri, 13 Sep 2013 07:00:00 GMT

1 More Saffa | Finally can earn some pounds

Coming back into London, the rain spat in my face reminding me that the sun will not always shine and holiday time is over. The final stage interview was a little more ruthless in a meeting room and questions being asked by the head of department. Despite the minor stress and anxiety planting itself in red patches on my neck and cheeks (praying the lighting in the room softened it), I was phoned the next morning with the offer.

After wowing the event managers with talk of my highly skilled waitressing experience, I was successfully added to their staff calendar. The sheer excitement of walking into an interview and getting a job within five minutes; with the added benefit of being granted one level just above minimum wage due to my know how, was reason for celebration. I fished out my calculator and worked out that if I worked four functions a week, rent would be paid. Rocket food is a family run catering business with friendly staff and an office that intices you in with its clean white furniture, orchids and prize winning food photographs. They seem to have constant events all around south west and central London and provide you with a monthly schedule where you simply add in where you can work, shirts and aprons, late night taxi expenditure and the added possibility of working at fashion launches and private weddings hosted by Elton John. At least I can start my celebrity sighting logbook early and instead of strolling along the Kings road in my best outfit, I might be able to serve Hugh Laurie a cocktail. Sounds pretty glamorous; while I push the nightmares of long hours, sore feet, spillings and breakages to the back of my mind.

With catering organised as a secure back up, the big news came in when an offer with a private banking and wealth management company reared its head. Never underestimate the power of social connections and those small recruiters that your new friend put you in touch with. With corporate attire on, I eased my way through the tube journey of only twenty minutes to Oxford  Circus. For some girls, it’s paradise standing on Oxford street with more shops than you can imagine. Buildings, floors and shop windows are decorated with the latest trends, immediately tempting you to hallucinate and convince yourself there is no better than Karen Millen, Reiss and the ‘why not buy everything you can at Topshop’ frenzy – if you don’t like it in six months, throw it away while its seams have already started fraying!

However, I’m not your normal crazed shopper kind of girl. While I have a passion for trends, vintage and bags, I’m at complete surrender for online shopping or the male hunting mentality when searching for a new coat. If I can’t find something online (only with the ease and selection of, I dip in and out of the smaller shopping areas before the crazed shopper has set her eyes on which store to enter. I go with a purpose, a target and I hunt accordingly – defying any suggestion that women are gatherers. This is a different story when it comes to food markets and chemists where everything must be touched and smelt!

And so my surfacing onto Oxford street was met with a mild sense of panic and quick detection of how to nip into the gaps between the crowds and find my potential employer’s offices. Luckily it took only three minutes of focus and winding through and I stood outside my hopeful place of work. Before you knew it, I had met the project manager and been whizzed off for a cup of coffee as all their meeting rooms were booked. We bantered about the herds of livestock around Oxford street and Primark and over an hour, I explained my experience and how I thought it was an absolute must that they hire me for the three month contract to finish off a change project in place. Leaving with optimism in full force, the phonecall the next day saying I had made it to the final stage interview was music to my ears.

With a weekend getaway to the glory of Provence, I knew I would be ok. Being blessed with a father who decided to invest in a small cottage overlooking the town of Flayosc (an hours drive from St Tropez and Nice), the ease of an Easy Jet flight for two hours ignited that spark for future weekend plans when airlines promote their specials. Laying beside the pool, walking to the town to buy croissants (despite my gluten sensitivity), and sitting with my feet in the sand in a St. Tropez restaurant gorging on mussels was a dream.


The beautiful sight of St.Tropez

Coming back into London, the rain spat in my face reminding me that the sun will not always shine and holiday time is over. The final stage interview was a little more ruthless in a meeting room and questions being asked by the head of department. Despite the minor stress and anxiety planting itself in red patches on my neck and cheeks (praying the lighting in the room softened it), I was phoned the next morning with the offer.

Barely believing I would finally be working after seven months of holiday, the Monday start sat on me like a bloated elephant. Time to get back into the real world and begin my real London start.

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Howzit All…

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Welcome to

As our name implies, we are “Proudly South Africans Abroad”.

Saffa’s have made a home for themselves in all corners of the globe, yet are still strongly connected to the culture and lifestyle that comes with being South African. Ironically our heritage is a result of a mix of cultures from all corners of the globe, making us a truly multicultural nation.
South Africans living Abroad, are discerning people who are go getters, they have expectations from life that has caused them to look beyond the African Horizen. We have a reputation for being hard working honest down to earth people.
This site is intended to showcase and present South African products and people and what it is that makes life LEKKER!

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