A New Brexit report set to benefit South Africans looking to work in the UK

It looks like the reduction of EU workers in the country after Brexit will account for more opportunities for non-EU workers. The nuts and bolts of Brexit are certainly a concern for many British residents, but a new government advisory could mean that South Africans are able to benefit from the UK’s messy divorce with the EU. The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) advises the UK Home Office on immigration issues. They recommend that free movement of citizens from the European Union should come to an end once Brexit is finalised. It’s vital to understand that EU citizens living in the UK pre-Brexit would already have been able to apply for temporary or Indefinite Leave to Remain under the EU settlement scheme. Much to their relief, they will not be subject to the possible ending of free movement. Free signup to our Expat Match ...just click ExpatMatch.com now !! Brexit: How these changes affect South African emigres But going forward, EU workers will be treated like no…
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