Small Group: London Historic Pub and Wine Cave Tour: Including a visit to the Victorian Gin Palace in London

You can't get any more of an English experience than supping a pint of ale in a centuries-old public house or having a Gin in a Gin Palace. London is awash with such places, remarkably so in some respects, given the destruction wreaked by the Great Fire of London, Second World War bombs and post-war planners. Book Now Highlights - Explore the local streets on a walking tour of the city - Led by a local guide - Informative, friendly and professional guide - We start at 15:00 making sure we get to the these fascinating places before they get to busy. First stop is the oldest Victorian Gin Palace in London have you ever heard the phrase 'One for the road or on the Wagon?" We now try to find our way to what's said to be the most difficult pub to find (according to one story, one man worked just around the corner for six years without finding it), but it is well worth the effort. From there we wonder the narrow passages and century old alley ways to the next p…
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