Moving to the UK: The Unmarried Partner Visa – all you need to know

Many people assume that there is a separate type of visa application for the unmarried partner. However, this is not the case. If one fulfils the criteria to be an ‘unmarried partner,’ one would apply in the same way as the spouse or dependent of the main UK visa applicant. One can thus be the unmarried partner of an Ancestral visa applicant, a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa applicant, the unmarried partner of a British citizen, Tier 4 Student visa applicant, etc. The conditions and requirements of the visa of the unmarried partner would thus basically be determined by the immigration status or type of visa the main applicant is applying for. The unmarried partner thus has the same status as the spouse or civil partner of the main visa applicant. How to qualify as an unmarried partner To qualify as an unmarried partner, an applicant will need to prove that he/she has been living together with the partner, in a relationship akin to marriage for two years or more. You will also ne…
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