A South African doctor has become bit of an online sensation in the United Kingdom since a video of him singing to a sick boy went viral.

According to UTV in Northern Ireland, Dr Ryan Coetzee, who works in the Causeway Hospital in Coleraine, can regularly be heard using the hospital’s children’s ward as his “stage”.

Coetzee reportedly became an online hit when he was filmed singing to a young patient. In the video, Coetzee sings in a loud, baritone voice: “Homegrown alligator, see you later, gotta hit the road, gotta hit the road…”

The song “Shotgun”, originally by English singer-songwriter George Ezra, reportedly woke a young boy, Oscar McLaughlin, much to his joy.

“In my head I was hearing someone singing George Ezra, then when I woke up it was actually Ryan,” the 8-year-old Oscar told UTV.

Oscar was admitted on Saturday and was reportedly quite ill, but felt better after he was woken by the singing doctor.

On Wednesday, after checking up on Oscar, Coetzee told UTV: “I think I brought him some joy in a miserable environment and gave him some happiness and a laugh, if anything.

“Obviously singing is not going to cure your pain, but it has a music therapy element to it.”

In the UTV clip, Coetzee sings the popular “Bare Necessities” to a beaming Oscar, before high-fiving the boy.

-News 24
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