Today you have the stunning option to test Prolux Carpet wonderful rug washing services now only with 10£ discount . Don’t waste more time and schedule your next cleaning service !

Prolux Carpet is the most used rug cleaning brand in London and has a long and successful past in this field . We are well- known that we use only safe preparations for every cleaning service and the most modern machineries. Moreover , our professional cleaners go to annual trainings to better their skills and learn different types of the most innovative processes for maintaining the look of your carpet. We are grateful to all of our customers and that explains why we are available 24/7, even when everyone else is having a break. What is more, we work according to your timetable ergo you can make a carpet cleaning procedure whenever you decide. You have the chance to choose between two procedures of carpeted flooring washing – high temperature water carpeted flooring washing and dry carpeted flooring washing.

As we accept different types of payments, you can decide which type is the perfect for you – cash payments, checks, bank transfers, phone and mobile payments, and so on.


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