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For over 35 years “The First and Still the Best, and still number 1 in the UK” St Marcus Fine Foods Limited was the first company to bulk manufacture biltong & boerewors in the UK…

One of the most amazing emporia that the capital offers to the carnivorous gourmet. For the past 35 years, people in the know have been flocking to St. Marcus Fine Foods for their most amazing range of Biltong and Boerewors and for the huge and imaginative choice of gourmet sausages and other fine specialty meat products. They may happen to be South African, or just – well, carnivorous gourmets.

Emory St. Marcus is undoubtedly a creative artist with meat. Never mind the Biltong which he has perfected and elevated to a point where not only homesick South Africans buy it, but British and other Europeans in the know also enjoy this healthy specialty regularly. He has also developed over some 4 dozen varieties of sausages – pork, beef lamb, veal, duck, venison, wild boar or chicken. Prepared from authentic and traditional recipes from
England of course, France, Germany, Italy, North Africa, Arabia, China and India. He uses what the recipes requires: British quality meat, authentic herbs and spices not essences. Using only the best ingredients, real wine, real cider, brandy, truffles or whatever the recipe demands.

Also always in stock are the ready-to-cook kebabs with 22 different varieties of lamb, chicken, pork, ostrich, springbok and kudu, marinated and mixed with apricots and other suitable partners.

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